Media Release: Solar Homes Delivers Boom in New Clean Energy

The Victorian Government’s Solar Homes program is continuing to drive Victoria’s transition to more affordable household energy, with 46,000 installations of solar PV, solar hot water and solar batteries completed since the program’s launch.

Member for Kororoit Marlene Kairouz today released new data showing that 884 number of households in Kororoit have had their systems installed.

Solar Homes is delivering a pipeline of cleaner, cheaper energy in every corner of the state, with over 62,000 applications for solar panels, solar hot water and solar batteries so far secured by Victorian households.

Solar Homes is reducing energy bills for families most in need of relief, with 69 per cent of solar rebates going to households with incomes of less than $104,000 and at least 10 per cent to those earning less than $16,000 a year.

Victoria’s solar energy companies are sharing in the business generated from the program, with 640 retailers securing at least one application and the top retailer securing less than 5% of the applications available.

Figures reveal that the share of applications is dispersed across the industry, with 71% of applications secured by customers of retailers outside the top 20 since July 2019, when the program was expanded to include no-interest loans.

Since July 1st, the Solar Homes program has been speedily converting solar PV rebate applications into installations with most applications approved and installations completed within the month they are allocated to the customer.

Solar Homes is driving a 46% increase in the uptake of solar PV across the state, with residential installations in 2019 on track to deliver solar panels to 60,000 households, compared to about 41,000 installations in 2018.

Quotes attributable to Member for Kororoit Marlene Kairouz

“Solar Homes is helping local families to take control of their energy bills and save hundreds each year.”

“The latest figures show that Solar Homes has been very popular in Kororoit, which also means our area is part of Victoria’s efforts to reduce emissions and tackle climate change.”

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