Media Release: Faster, Smarter Policing In Hands Of Kororoit Officers

Frontline police in North West Metro Division 3 (which serves the Kororoit community) will have access to even more information at their fingertips to support community safety, under the latest rollout of Victoria Police’s new mobile devices, funded by the Andrews Labor Government.

The Melton Police Service Area, which covers Caroline Springs is one of the latest locations to receive the new devices, which are already helping frontline police and Protective Services Officers (PSOs) across Victoria crack down on crime and anti-social behaviour.

More than 3,785 iPad minis and iPhones have been handed out to officers in stations, as well as to Transit Safety Division officers, the Operational Response Unit and PSOs.

As well as Caroline Springs, officers in Brimbank and Melton PSA are in line to receive the new technology this month.

The hand-held helpers are giving frontline officers better and easier access to information in the field to improve safety, operational decision-making and drive better policing. Armed with easy access to information, frontline officers can more readily identify safety risks and take appropriate action.

Since they were first deployed in late 2017, the devices have led to an increase in individual checks and arrests.

More than 10,000 devices will be deployed over five years, with their capability evolving over time to include evidence capture, identity checks and crime reporting.

The Labor Government is delivering a $227 million technology boost to support stronger police intelligence and a greater presence in the community, allowing officers to spend more time proactively policing and less time behind desks.

This forms part of the Labor Government’s record police investment, including 3,135 new police, which are already starting to have an impact.

We have deployed 63 new officers in the past year to the North West Metro Division 3, with a further 13 being deployed over the next 12 months.

The crime rate in Melton LGA is down 14.1 per cent, in the twelve months to 31 March 2018, according to the independent Crime Statistics Agency.


Quotes attributable to Member for Kororoit Marlene Kairouz

“These iPads and iPhones will ensure Kororoit police have even faster access to the best information and intelligence available, especially when they’re on patrol in the community or at a train station.”

“This record investment is modernising Victoria Police and the deployment of these mobile tablets is making our front-line police even more effective – meaning more time on the beat and in the community.”

“We have delivered the largest boost to police resources in Victorian history, with thousands more police to hit the beat over the coming years.”

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