Start of Flu Season

Flu vaccination season has come around again and it’s time for everyone to get their flu shot.

The Andrews Labor Government can be proud of its many achievements in the vaccination space, including the No Jab No Play legislation, reinstating the Parents’ Whooping Cough Vaccine Program and our $7 million investment to provide the Meningococcal W vaccine to those most in need, after the Turnbull Liberal Government refused to act.

However, vaccinations are also vitally important for everyday diseases such as the flu. That’s why last year we launched the Pharmacist-Administered Vaccination Program. With more than 87% of people living within 2.5 kilometers of a pharmacy, we’re making it easier to get vaccinated.

So far, more than 500 pharmacists have been successfully trained to offer vaccinations, with hundreds more to come.

The Andrews Labor Government has been proud to stand up for vulnerable Victorians, many of them children, who need a high vaccination rate to provide them with protection.

Below is a map highlighting the locations for the Pharmacist – Administered Vaccination Program.

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