Mr Turnbull, don’t cut our kids’ kinder!

Yesterday over 75,000 children from across Victoria had their first day of kindergarten. And every single one of Victoria’s 2300 funded kindergartens will this year be providing children with 15 hours of quality, teacher-led preschool education per week in the vital year before school.

But the class of 2017 may be the last to enjoy this support with the Federal Liberals failing to end the uncertainly and commit to ongoing funding for 15 hours of kinder beyond this year.

That is why the Minister for Families and Children is calling on Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberals to stop the uncertainty and commit to 15 hours of kinder once and for all.

Please sign the petition to tell the Liberals not to cut our children’s future: www.thismatters.org.au/kindercuts

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